The ATS HDPE idler have a square shaft inside and not round this is the most cost effective manufacturing principal

The Shaft is an extra protection to keep the bearing housing in place

The Shaft ends of our idlers are made from glass filled nylon ( glass fibre mixed with nylon ) and not steel like our competitors ( which can rust, is noisy and heavy)

Below are some advantages  NYLON TYPE 6/6 (30% GLASS FILLED)

Material Information

Nylon is one of the most widely used plastics because of its extreme strength, wear resistance, and self-lubricating properties. Nylons are also known to be resilient and non-marring, have high impact resistance has a continuous operating temperature of about 180º F, and a relatively light weight that makes it ideal for use in mechanical and electrical hardware to ease maintenance and replacement procedures. Nylon is commonly used as a replacement for bronze, brass, aluminum, steel and other metals to reduce weight and noise from metal to metal contact. Nylon 6/6 has the tendency to absorb moisture but is the least permeable to gasoline/mineral oil/fluorocarbon-refrigerant, the strongest, and most widely used, of all nylons. Its high crystallinity results in a sharp melting point, making its mechanical properties less affected by temperature. It can be found in the form of rod, tubing, or plate.

30% glass filled nylon type 6/6 is a glass reinforced extruded nylon 6/6. The glass reinforcement gives the material higher compressive strength and rigidity, as well as improved frictional characteristics.