African Trading Group

African Trading Supplies is a company that specialises in various aspects of the Mining Industry. We were established in the year 2010 and the company’s Management team with its vast technical knowledge and diverse experience has been the driving force behind the company’s continued success

About Us

Our Company started off in the supply and manufacturing of Conveyor belt systems and vulcanising together with conveyor related accessories, but have expanded into a full force Rubber Products ,Rubber Lining, Wear and Corrosion Protection Specialist facility. Most recently and certainly the most exciting of them all, a procurement facility!

The supply of Conveyor belting and services for projects is one of our specialist fields where we had most success over the years. We have supplied into most of the upcoming mining countries in Africa either directly or through SA based project companies. These countries include SA, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, DRC, Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso, etc. to name a view. We focus in assisting the Engineers with advice, sizing, material selections and applications within our specialist field during the design, erection and the process stage.

The procurement is becoming the backbone of our after sales service to these customers. This division is procuring to suit the needs and requirement of every client. This division opens opportunities for assisting the clients with so much more than expected. Our strong agency alliances and comprehensive international supply network keeps us a step ahead of our competitors and ensures us the leading spot in our field, This service and supply generally turns out to be a long lasting, mutually beneficial and consistently successful encounter.

The Conveyor maintenance as well as our Wear and Corrosion Protection teams serves as a value adding division to the Belting and procurement and also offers our clients a site service of installations and maintenance throughout Africa

Furthermore, South Africa is also the gateway to technology in Sub-Sahara Africa which is the sector that we thrive in and continue to serve.